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Best CSR & Sustainability Conferences of 2019

The year of 2019 is well under way, and you might be thinking about corporate social responsibility plans and projects, which means it's time to visit a conference or two to get new ideas, make time for your professional development, and network with your peers.

Conference Hall

There are, as always, plenty of choices when it comes to industry conferences this year. Take a look at the best events we have found about CSR, employee giving, and socially responsible way of doing things:

1. ACCP: The Corporate Citizenship Conference

March 3-16
Atlanta, GA

Attendance fee - $3,000 for non ACCP members

Over 200 corporate citizenship professionals register for this event every year. This event is not cheap by any means, but you get excellent opportunities to connect with your peers, work in lab group setting on various issues, and gain valuable experience. Some of the speakers and group leaders are from the Coca-Cola Company, UPS, Benevity, Capital One, and many new ones this year.

2. CSRworks

April 2-3
Austin, TX

This annual conference takes place eighth time this year and again brings some of the sharpest minds in the industry to hear and learn from.

The focus of this conference is a successful start of a corporate giving and social responsibility programs. Great start is very important and directly affects failure rates.

You are going to learn what it takes to capture employee attention and get them engaged while building strategic disaster models or involving social channels for communication and mutual understanding. The key for making any company more socially responsible is to stay relevant and involved in the community.

During this conference participants will learn from VolunteerMatch representatives and will definitely make valuable connections, learn, collaborate, and think of ways how to make our world a better place.

3. Leading Together

April 29 – May 5
Miami, Florida

If you want to meet leaders, influencers, government, and academia people gathering to share ideas and stories for the common good, you should definitely attend this conference.

The entire event is less formal than some others and focuses on engaging fireside conversations about common good that benefits society. Attendees will hear stories, participate in challenges, and will get their questions answered by leaders of the Case Foundation, Charlottesville Area Community Foundation, and the Nathan Cummings Foundation.

All the issues that will be brought up are very relevant to today’s problems of racial and partisan divide, climate change, and equal economic opportunities for different regions.

All participants will have an opportunity to attend pre-conference courses about community foundation’s history, current situation, and future donor acquisition methods to get prepared for the main event.

4. Making Good Work

May 29-30
Chicago, IL

The conference is organized by Engage for Good, which is a non-profit collaborative space geared towards business and non-profit organizers who need tools and ideas to become successful all while practicing responsible and sustainable models in their fields.

This year is the 17th time this conference is taking place with the focus on employee and consumer interaction. The talks will center on creating a meaningful brand identity among increasing employee and consumer expectations.

Topics of diversity and inclusion will be analyzed in depth; you will have a chance to learn how to motivate and engage your employees through purpose, and offer empowerment to consumers. All of those things should happen while not overshadowing the importance of building the brand and its loyalty programs. After attending this event you will have the needed tools to implement those strategies in your place of work or business.

5. Service Unites

June 18-20
Minneapolis, MN

If you care about strong communities, supported by business and non-profit experts, you should come meet thousands of corporate and other professionals talking about the impact volunteerism can make in struggling communities.

This conference, organized by Points of Light, is one of the largest service-oriented events in the world. Leaders of businesses, civic, and non-profit organizations band together to pounder vital issues our society is facing every year. Imagine all the networking opportunities you can have with over 2,000 fellow participants. You will stay busy with volunteer opportunities at St. Paul, have plenty of chances to explore, learn, and accomplish.

6. Brands Taking Stands

October 29-30
National Harbor, MD

3BL Media is inviting you to this forum to meet industry leaders and understand their methods of finding ways to play nice in the modern environment.

You will find the best ways to include CSR in your business practices by engaging with leaders that already have experience with this. There are plenty of rewards for socially responsible companies, and this forum is about managing the risks and negative implications.

All attendees will have opportunities to engage in person-to-person discussions, interviews, and case studies. Networking is one of the most important factors in benefiting those in need. Last year over 300 businesses and CSR professionals were on hand to bring knowledge and experience to the table.

This year you can expect business leaders from eBay, Nike, IBM, and Timberland to lead conversations about corporate citizenship, sustainable business methods, and employee giving. Leaders from various non-profit organizations will be on-hand to offer their perspective and advice.

7. BSR Conference

November 12-14
San Jose, CA

This is one the best known and reputable conferences in the industry on sustainability. Go to this one if you want to witness world-renown sustainability professionals looking for solutions to our most pressing issues.

Over 800 industry professionals from around the world usually attend. There are executives from Fortune 500 companies, various foundations, non-profit organizations, and even government representatives.

You can expect talks about racial tensions and injustice, women’s issues, sexual harassment, and power misbalance. Most experts agree that business and organizations can play an important role solving those problems if they become engaged and more socially responsible.