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Target Pushes Innovation

Currently Target is testing its top 50 innovations that are to enhance customers' experience in the near future. The Minneapolis-based retailer has introduced significant changes in its 25 stores in the Los Angeles area to find out how the new techniques and solutions will work in practice and how customers will benefit from using them. Among the innovations are electronic tags, adviser services in the baby department and many others. The program is starting this year and is designed to help the company maintain its competitive edge.

Target Advisor in The Baby Department

Target announced the introduction of innovations at an annual event where about 13,000 store managers and executives from around the country participated. The three-hour event organized both as pep rally and business meeting featured such celebrities performing as Shakira, Luke Bryan and Imagine Dragons.

In the previous year Target has managed to significantly increase its sales and customer visits over the past year. The stores have been offering a greater assortment of trendy products in fashion, home, baby, children's and wellness items. In addition, the company focused on promoting organic and natural products in the food aisle.

This year the company is planning to invest $1 billion in technology and innovations in its distribution system, as customers can now make purchases online and pick up their order at the store. In addition, Target announced about its plans to attach electronic tags, or radio frequency identification, to all of its clothing merchandise. Due to this innovation inventory will be much easier to keep track of and the staff will be able to find the products customers want much quicker.

Target also partnered with eBay's global shipping program to test how well products could be sold and shipped to 64 countries.

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