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Target Commitment to Sustainability

Believing that having united the efforts it is possible to design a better tomorrow today Target is seriously committed to enhancing the positive impact on environment and building healthy, vibrant communities. Since the company inception in 1962, Target has been continuously investing in the health and sustainability of the local communities. Today, five decades later, the company continues to introduce an array of sustainable practices across all areas of the business operations, and remains conscious about the responsible use of resources and maintenance of the health of the local communities.

From the store construction to product delivery, sustainability is integrated throughout all company activities. Target centers its sustainability practices around four key commitments: sustainable living, sustainable products, smart development and efficient operations.

Target works hard to promote sustainable living by offering reusable shopping bags as well as quick-and-easy recycling kiosks where customers can easily recycle cans, glass, plastic bottles, plastic bags, MP3 players, ink cartridges and cell phones. By installing recycling kiosks right in the local stores Target makes it easy for shoppers to adapt sustainable practices.

Since 2013 Target has been a member of the How2Recycle Label program, an initiative of the non-profit organization GreenBlue's Sustainable Packaging Coalition. The objective of the Target partner is to introduce labeling system with clear, on-package recycling instructions that would encourage customers to take part in recycling programs.

Target Coupon Codes a variety of sustainable products from popular brands, including Method soaps, Seventh Generation cleaning supplies and Yes To and Burt's Bees beauty products. By the end of 2017 the company plans to increase their assortment of organic food and beverages by 25 percent. Today Target has made great strides in introducing new products, including its signature Simply Balanced grocery brand, which nearly in half consists of organic products.

To ensure smart development in all spheres of company operations Target is committed to constructing buildings that use space efficiently, improve connectivity for guests and team members, and benefit local communities.

In its effort to operate with maximum efficiency Target uses resources responsibly and introduces practices designed to eliminate waste and reduce carbon footprint.

To ensure that the company doesn't stray from its sustainability program Target regularly keeps track of its progress to verify whether the company is going to meet its environmental goals and is making progress in making its business operations and buildings even more efficient.