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Target Commitment to Sustainability

The popular national retailer established back in 1962 is deeply committed to introducing a range of sustainable practices that help make local communities healthy and thriving. Target's commitment to sustainability is grounded on the strong belief that joint efforts of corporate community members will have a positive impact on environment and help make the world a better place to live in. For half a century Target has been taking environmental awareness serious continuously improving their business operations as well as managing the resources wisely. Today, the company works hard to meet their environmental objectives that span all areas of the business operations, staying committed to implementing a number of environmental practices that help save the resources and maintain the health of the local communities.

Target Best Practices

Sustainability is an important part of all areas of company activities, from building stores to delivering merchandise. The following key commitments are the company's primary concern: efficient operations, sustainable living, sustainable products and smart development.

Understanding that the company's operations may have a negative footprint Target strives to operate at maximum efficiency. This is achieved through the responsible use of the resources and implementation of various practices that eliminate waste and significantly decrease carbon footprint.

As part of Target sustainable living program the retailer offers reusable shopping bags and installs recycling kiosks in store locations. By providing facilities for recycling cans, glass, plastic bottles, plastic bags, MP3 players, ink cartridges and cell phones Target encourages consumers to switch to sustainable practices.

Target Best Practices Development

In 2013 Target joined the How2Recycle Label program started by the non-profit organization GreenBlue's Sustainable Packaging Coalition. The goal of the coalition is to introduce the labeling system featuring concise, on-package recycling instructions. Such labeling system is designed to encourage customers to participate in recycling programs.

Target offers a great selection of sustainable products, including soaps, cleaning supplies, beauty products, organic food and beverages. In addition, customers can save on their purchase of sustainable products when they use Target coupon codes during the checkout (read more...)

Smart development is also part of Target sustainability program. It focuses on the company's commitment to constructing more efficient buildings that improve connectivity for shoppers and team members, and benefit local communities.

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