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Organic Farming in the City of Vienna

Bestpractices - Organic Farming in the City of Vienna

The City of Vienna like any other society to date was a throw away society. They consumed daily and some people may have recycled but most of the citizens did not. For economic reasons along with a wanting to be a more eco-friendly society the recycling circle needed to change. The cities municipality was responsible for creating the change and making it a popular choice for the citizens.

The first measure taken to change the society was a separate bin for collecting biological waste. A separate bin was provided for each citizen so that any compost waste could be places in there to be used for the cities farming. The golden rule is to only dispose of compost that you would use to grow your own farm. The city itself is running a self grown composting co-op. The Ludwig Boltzmann Institute which specializes in bio agriculture partnered with the city to create the plant. They gather and process the biological material.

The biological material is used to nourish their organic farming. The Ludwig Institute guides the city on how to scientifically farm to receive the best results from the organic compost. The organic farming and recycled compost has been a success. The City of Vienna is no longer a throw away society. The goal was to make sources of organic food available within the city, made by the city. This is one of the first examples of a city with waste management and recycled nutrients program in place.

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