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Kohl's Sustainability Initiatives

According to the Best Practices, Kohl's is a great example of the corporation seriously committed to protecting and conserving the environment. The company works hard to seek and incorporate innovative solutions that facilitate long-term sustainability. From constructing environmentally friendly buildings to recycling hangers, Kohl's integrates sustainability practices on every level of its operation to ensure a smaller footprint.

Dedicated to the community and the environment Kohl's has taken significant steps to reduce its footprint and environmental impact. Kohl's Cares initiatives include constructing ENERGY STAR labeled stores. Kohl's has built 943 Energy Star certified stores so far and was honored ENERGY STAR Sustained Excellence Award in 2013. In addition, Kohl's converted a large percentage of its inbound transportation to rail lines which are cleaner than using trucks, installed solar power systems in 161 locations along with 158 electric vending charging stations.

The majority of Kohl's stores are built and renovated to decrease waste and energy consumption as well as recycle as much material as possible. Kohl's boasts 434 LEED certified buildings. In addition, Kohl's has established partnership relations with other companies, vendors and suppliers committed to recycling waste and eliminating environmental impact.

Kohl's Environmental Recyclin

Kohl's has long been committed to the efficient and sustainable operation of its stores, distribution centers and corporate facilities, as well as decreasing its water footprint through innovative, water-efficient building design, landscaping and measurement. To ensure efficiency and conservation, Kohl's rationally manages the energy used to light, heat and cool the store premises and other company buildings. In its efforts to decrease the level of carbon emissions Kohl's joined the EPA Climate Leaders program. In February 2014 the company was awarded with the Climate Leadership Award-Goal Achievement from the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Kohl's continues to decrease its footprint by using renewable energy and integrating energy-efficiency programs in company activities.

Believing that everyone can contribute to making the environment cleaner Kohl's encourages its customers to participate in such easy tasks as recycling plastic bags. Caring about the well being of the customers the company offers Kohl's promo codes for additional discount on a wide range of brand name products. Save money every time you shop products at Kohl's with Kohl's coupons (read more...)

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