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Home Recycling Tips

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- Visit your local recycling center to find out what materials they will accept the recycling and then set up your bins accordingly.

- Put storage bins in place. The key to a successful home recycling program is a storage bin set up. Once you've understood what materials your local recycling center accepts, you need to set up the corresponding storage bin. The garage is a good place to locate all the bins and make sure that each has a lid to secure the contents.

- Use plastic bags or totes so that you can store materials for recycling. Paperbags can be leaky so try to use smaller containers that are easier to lift when full.

- Label recycling bins to make sure all materials are separated correctly.

- Choose products with the highest percentage of post-consumer recycled content.

Two types of recycle materials are used in manufacturing products and packaging and those are pre-consumer which is often referred to as metal scraps recycled internally and manufacturing plants. The other is post-consumer for those returned by consumers, through recycling programs to the manufacturing process.

- Clean bottles and tins before putting them in the re-cycling bin. This will prevent flies.

- Put a no junk mail sticker in your letter box and you will be amazed at how this reduces your rubbish.

- Join the Freecycle movement. The idea is simple and you give away for free what you have and don't need any received for free what you do need that don't have. This Freecycle of goods keeps lots of useful stuff out of landfill sites and is thinking globally and recycling locally.

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