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eBay Is a Green Giant

The problem of nature protection and environmental sustainability is extremely important in our days. And helps consumers learn about companies that take environmental issues seriously. Everyone knows about eBay, a famous Silicon Valley e-commerce giant, but very few people realize how much this company does for the environment. The company employs a dedicated team of professional environmentalists who work hard to build a movement in society that would urge consumers use what already exists. For example, at eBay you can find great deals on brand name clothing which can be a season old and worn once or twice or a DeLonghi espresso maker offered at the ridiculously low price. And it turns out that eBay manages to do what other big companies and even big environmental groups cannot: it encourages people to consume less.

The importance of reducing consumption is evident. Despite the fact that there is a great supply of compact fluorescent bulbs, eco-friendly dish sponges, stainless steel water bottles, bamboo bed sheets, and tons of other eco-friendly merchandise, shopping more can't help make our planet greener. To the contrary: purchasing more products depletes natural resources and increases carbon emissions, pollution and waste.

But shopping on eBay benefits the environment because the fundamental principal of environmentalism is to reduce, reuse and recycle. No other company promotes reuse more than eBay that sells $2,000 worth of previously-owned products per second. eBay states that barely used is as good as new one and that he greenest product is the one that already exists. The company has even started researching the idea of "sustainable consumption" and has partnered with Recycle Bank to create an innovative recycling rewards program.

Hardly will you find another company that does more than eBay to educate shoppers about environmental sustainability. At the GreenTeam website you can read many interesting facts concerning product consumption in the U.S. For example, Americans throw away 4.5 lbs of garbage per day on average -- that's twice more compared to the amount of garbage created 30 years ago. Did you know about that?

Let's look into how and why eBay is going "green." eBay was neither founded to solve an environmental problem like Seventh Generation or Tesla Motors, nor had to adopt new practices as a response to a reputational crisis, as Nike and Wal-Mart did. eBay is different because it is inadvertently green, like Apple's iTunes or Amazon's Kindle. iTunes were not made to replace CD packaging and Kindles were not created to save trees, they both products have had positive effect on environment. The same is true about eBay, which is an alternative to buying new merchandise.

eBay Environmental
eBay Environmentale

eBay's sustainability program was started in 2007, when about 40 people gathered at lunch in the company cafeteria to discuss eBay's carbon footprint and persuade the procurement team to buy solar panels for the roof. And in 2008, PayPal, a division of eBay, installed a 650kW solar system at its headquarters in San Jose, California. In January 2008 the Green Team was hired to develop environmental programs and these efforts had a bigger scope when John Donahoe became eBay's CEO in March, 2008.He viewed eBay as the world's largest recycler and did a lot to implement this concept. To prove that eBay is seriously committed to environmental protection the company announced it objective to reduce its corporate greenhouse gas emissions by 15 percent. Also eBay encouraged customers to join its Green team and contribute constructive ideas. More than 125,000 people have signed up, and the company now boasts the first ever corporate-sponsored community garden, on their campus in Omaha, Nebraska.

Now the company is actively telling its story focusing on environmental benefits of purchasing used stuff. It even employed Cooler, an environmental consulting firm, to calculate the benefits of buying used products instead of new ones. For instance, purchasing a pre-owned smart phone on eBay will save 94 percent of the carbon associated with going to the mall and buying a new one. The same amount of carbon is saved when not driving 186 miles, or over 880 hours of laptop use.

To sum it up, if you need to purchase something consider whether you can get a used item because better to buy used than new. The great thing about eBay is that it can make consumers reconsider the need for getting to the store. Another impact of eBay's marketing strategy is that it changes consumer's attitude to buying used stuff. Used doesn't mean cruddy or shabby. Getting a used item can mean getting a luxury product you otherwise couldn't afford. Savvy shoppers always try to get extra discount on their purchase by using eBay redemption code every time they shop at eBay (read more...)

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