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eBay Highlights Conservation as a Benefit of Buying Used encourages everyone to contribute to saving the environment. Don't know how? Buy a leather handbag. At least this is what eBay is advising on its new green shopping site and this is the message of the company's ad campaign.

On the site,, and through the ad campaigns, eBay explains that buying something used has the same positive impact on environment as conservation and recycling. While most people believe that green products should necessarily be made in a certain way and contain a certain set of ingredients eBay states there is no need to make this new product at all. And this idea is supported by the research conducted by Greenpeace that proves that reusing products has profound environmental benefits.

eBay Environmental Green Team

Recently eBay has updated its site to make it more appealing to new kinds of shoppers, including conservation-minded customers. At, buyers can find items that eBay qualifies as green. These products could be preowned or sustainable, such as a $34 cobalt blue vase made of recycled glass or resource-saving, like a $14.95 stainless steel water bottle. Also the green site features photos showing the products in a room, for example, a shot of a kitchen, filled with green products which are available for sale at eBay. You can purchase all these products and much more with extra discount if you use eBay promo code. By using eBay coupons every time you shop you can maximize the amount of your saving and get the best deal possible (read more...)

Many eBay ads that appear in Hearst magazines, including Good Housekeeping and Popular Mechanics feature close-up portraits of previously owned products on eBay. These ads also provide useful information about how purchasing the particular product will benefit the environment. For example, buying a used espresso machine saves 90% of the CO2 required to manufacture a new one.

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According to information provided by Cooler, a company employed by eBay, a leather handbag saves as much energy as a flight from London to Paris. Cooler specializes in calculating carbon footprints, and it was hired by eBay to calculate how much carbon shoppers save when they purchase something used instead of new. Cooler is an expert in determining the total cost of producing a new item, including materials and manufacturing, and comparing with the cost of packaging and shipping eBay products by planes or cars.

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