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eBay Inc. Helps Fuel 'Big Green Bus' Environmental Mission

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Committed to making greener and smarter shopping part of everyday practices eBay Green Team promotes the idea that the greenest product is the one that has already been made. The company boasts a community of about 90 million active users who trade $2,000 worth of goods on eBay every second. Understanding that seemingly small actions can really impact the environment eBay Green Team launches a number of initiatives, including having the largest private solar installation at the company's headquarters in San Jose, California.

This summer eBay Inc. Green Team sponsored Big Green Bus environmental mission. Students from Dartmouth College toured across the country in the biodiesel-powered Big Green Bus to meet different communities and discuss sustainability issues. The students also visited eBay Inc.'s headquarters in San Jose in the framework of the ninth subsequent summer tour organized by a student environmental advocacy group.

While the students were touring the country they were doing great job telling the stories about numerous hazards our global environment confronts with. Before visiting the headquarters of eBay Inc. in San Jose the Big Green Bus rolled into eBay Inc.'s office in Austin, where the students together with the company employees took part in a park cleanup.

eBay Inc. serves as a worthy example of dedicated commitment to corporate environmental responsibility. This company breaks the stereotype that corporations represent a problem for the environmental movement, and proves that companies with strong values can help make the world a better place to live in. The Big Green Bus volunteer event is a great example of a call to action to introduce practices that not only make customer experiences more rewarding, but combine innovative solutions with green design. In its effort to provide customers with the best shopping experience possible eBay regularly offers eBay redemption code to ensure shoppers can get the products they want and need at the best price possible. Consider checking out eBay redemption code every time you plan to make a purchase to save on the item you choose (read more...)

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