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Council on Solid Small Business

Bestpractices - Council on Solid Small Business

Any entrepreneur inevitably faces many challenges when running a small business. But building solid operations is a key to success as it will lead to establishing a great foundation for your future growth.

Most Effective Strategies for Building Solid Small Business Operations:

Set Team Expectations

It is essential to set proper team expectations and accountability when you start your business. Communication is of primary importance so make sure you have regular meetings with the heads of the departments and managers to get informed about the successes and failures. It is also important that other departments report to management so when the meeting is over everyone has follow-up tasks.

Leave Your Ego Behind

Many CEOs and executives forget that the role of employees and the dynamics of the company can't be ignored. Solid operations stem from management who can acknowledge their failures and are flexible enough to be ready to improve.

Have a Clear Process

Establishing a clear procedure that everyone knows and understands is vital for the success of your venture. When a task is given, there should be a clear order of operations be follow. This will result in better efficiency as well as eliminate the chance of straying from the goal or having things done wrong.

Build a Dedicated Team

To create a successful business you should rely on your core command that is impossible without team building strategy. When you hire people take into account not only their professional qualities and background but also whether they share your drive and are motivated to meet the company objectives.

Get Feedback from Your Team

Any owner manager will have to learn to delegate, especially when the company becomes bigger. So to get things done when you are away make sure you get feedback from your team on a regular basis. This will help reduce inefficiencies to minimum and facilitate the company growth.

Keep Operations Transparent

Transparent operations that may include cross-checks and social collaboration tools will ensure your business is a success. Across departments, operations must be well-communicated, tested and approved.

Document Your Processes

Having clear and concise documentation will prevent miscommunication and possible confusion. Proper documentation will also make it easier for new employees to do things right and prevent your business from being reliant on just one person.

Build for the Future

Although it's important to focus on day-today operations of your business, having a long-term plan that will include all foreseeable changes in your business is a must. Such plan will ensure the current operations will remain efficient.

Remember about the 3 P's

Focus on the three P's: process, people and product when you build a solid operation if you want to have a successful business.

Rely on Data-Driven Decision Making

As a rule, operations involve several stakeholders. In addition, the outcome may depend on some external conditions so it is important to stay objective about how efficient your operations are. Make sure you begin with collecting data. Data driven decision making should be your priority.

Hire the Best People

There are no super people who can be the best at everything. But you as an owner manager should choose the right person for each position. Coaching weaknesses makes no sense so consider leveraging strengths instead.

Provide The Best Customer Service

Strive for offering excellent customer service possible. That is the best you can do to attract and retain customers. How you handle customer complains will give you a solid reputation in your industry.

Own the Operation from Start to Finish

Hire a person who will be in charge of the operation from start to finish. This person should be a real expert in his field, good at numbers and the metrics. It is also important that the person should be inspired to improve.

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