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Boscov's Environmental Commitment

The Best Practices has researched the Boscov's commitment to reducing its impact on the environment. The key environmental areas the company focuses on are recycling and waste management, energy conservation and sustainability.

Recycling and Waste Management

In 2012 Boscov's recycled more than 13 million pounds that constitutes 73 percent of all waste materials.

Boscovs Environmental Best Practices Recycling

Energy Conservation

In 2012, Boscov's reported the reduction of its energy consumption by more than 2.6 million KWHs. Such great achievements became possible as the result of the company sustainability efforts that encompass the following energy strategies: Solar, New Technologies and Conservation.

In Vineland, due to a roof-top solar system installed in 2011 in Boscov's NJ store over 60% of the building power requirements come from solar energy. The installation saves more than 1.3 million KWHs a year in the store. Boscov's also plans to install more solar installations in Delaware, Maryland and New York.

Boscov's also uses the latest technologies to replace incandescent lighting in its stores with LED lamps. In 2012 the company upgraded 2,500 fixtures to save 295,000 KWHs a year and in 2013 replaced an additional 3,500 fixtures to save extra 640,000 KWHs a year. Another 400,000 KWHs is saved a month in store premises and office areas due to the use of Smart Technologies.


Boscov's has taken steps to integrate environmental sustainability in every area of its operation. The company has optimized its packaging needs cutting them by 37%, plus has cut the number of box types used by 80%, reducing waste. Also it re-purposes packing materials and is constantly increasing the use of re-cycled paper striving for a paperless business environment.

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