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5 Tips For Green Shopping

Bestpractices Reuse Repurpose Recycle

Buy What You Need

You should buy only what you need never waste anything. Buy dry foods like sugar and flour in bulk. You should know how much you consume each month and how much you can store. You can also buy things like dish detergents and canned goods in bulk. This will create fewer trips to shopping stores and less shopping bags will be used. Going in with the neighbor and buy in bulk.

Rethink Your Transportation

Each year a car produces more than 5 kg of carbon dioxide. This causes greenhouse effects. If you can plan ahead you will reduce your trips to shop. Make a list of everything you need and then go out shopping. That way you don't have to make multiple visits. Plan your route and the best way to go that saves time and fuel. You can always carpool or use public transportation or if the shop is nearby you can walk or take a bicycle.

Shop Online

Shopping online benefits the environment as customers don’t have to drive to the store and then back home when they need to buy everyday essentials, clothing, groceries and more. Driving less means less carbon footprint. In general organized logistics of online stores helps reduce carbon emissions that are so bad for the environment and human health. When you shop online make sure you use coupons or promo codes to obtain a discount on your online purchase. You may use eco-conscious coupon web-sites like, or to access to the latest deals and promotions.

Reuse and Re-purpose

If you shop a lot start accumulating excess packaging. Think of reusing these packages. You can use them to repack things or gift-wrap things and reuse the packaging materials.

By Seasonal Food

There are plenty of varieties of fruits and vegetables for every season. In the United States you get strawberries and blueberries in June. In September and October, you'll get apples. By these seasonal fruits and this way you will get the freshest food.

These green shopping tips can help you become more environmentally conscious. You will eat fresh food, save money and contribute something positive to the environment.

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